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About Us

Learn more about us: The Lawn Dogs - Idaho's #1 Pet Waste Management Experts. We're paws-sibly your favorite cleanup service!

About us - The Lawn Dogs

Embark on a clean journey with The Lawn Dogs, Idaho’s premier pet waste management crew. As the #1 trusted team in the Treasure Valley, we lead the pack in keeping your yards pristine. Dive into our story and discover how we turned a passion for pets and cleanliness into a relentless pursuit of a poop-free Idaho. Responsible, reliable, and customer-focused—learn all about us and why we’re the top choice for pet lovers across the state.

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The Lawn Dogs - Pet Waste Management
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Welcome To Our Family!

Founded as a way for a father to teach his autistic son many life skills & lessons, the company is dedicated to building a community that lifts all associated with it. With a vision to help lift those with special needs, The Lawn Dogs has a mission to enrich the community & lift all people they associate with.

FAQS: The Lawn Dogs Team - Donovan and Manny Johns
Our Story

Donovan and Manny started The Lawn Dogs – Pet Waste Management as a way for the dad to teach his growing son important life skills. Starting as a fun, unofficial side business, we have enjoyed spending time together and slowly growing to become a proper business for us. We enjoy getting to serve individual households and complex communities alike, and everyone in between. Regardless if you don’t have the time, or even the capability to scoop up after your furry friends, we get that it takes time away from your daily life to get it done. We are happy to meet you where you are, on the day’s you need us, and to take that task off your plate. They do it. We scoop it.

Take Back Your Time

Often your best friend and most loyal companion also creates the biggest messes you have to deal with on a regular basis. The task of cleaning up after your dog can become a time-eating chore that can seem never-ending.
Let us take care of your pet waste removal. You can trust our team to do the job right.

We Are Insured

Our pet waste management company is insured. Rest easy knowing we’re insured by Pet Care Insurance company. 

Social Responsibility

We believe in paying it forward, which is why we are donating 5% of your payments back to the non-profit organization.

Together, we can continue to support the people supporting the pets in need.

Isn’t that just more paw-some?


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FAQS: The Lawn Dogs Team - Donovan and Manny Johns
The Lawn Dogs Team - Donovan and Manny Johns smiling, wearing a "be kind" shirt
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