The Lawn Dogs - Spring Idaho Poop Scoop

Spring has sprung in the Treasure Valley! The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and your lawn is begging for attention. But for pet parents, the season also brings the dreaded combination chores of scooping waste before the lawn care crew arrives. While your neighbors struggle with rigid schedules and territorial pet waste management companies, The Lawn Dogs offer a revolutionary solution that turns you into the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for your lawn mower (and yourself!).

Here is our secret to a hassle-free spring lawn, where you can spend less time scooping and more time enjoying the outdoors with your furry best friend. 

Here’s how The Lawn Dogs empower you to become the hero your lawn mower deserves!

The Scheduling Scramble: Why Traditional Pet Waste Management Falls Short

Most pet waste management companies operate on a one-size-fits-all schedule. This can lead to frustration for pet parents, especially when it comes to coordinating with your lawn care service:

  • Limited Scheduling Flexibility: Most poop scoop companies in the greater Boise metro area have fixed routes and rigid schedules, leaving you with gaps between the two services.
  • The Pre-Mow Rush: Trying to squeeze in scooping before the lawnmower arrives can feel like a frantic race against time.
  • Missed Spots and Unpleasant Surprises: Rushing to clean up can lead to missed waste, creating an unpleasant surprise for your lawn care crew of freshly chopped and spread poo presents.

The Lawn Dogs: Your Path to Springtime Lawn Care MVP Status

The Lawn Dogs are different. We believe in collaboration and flexibility.
We don’t dictate your schedule; we work around it. Here’s how this approach makes you the MVP:

  • We Coordinate with Your Lawn Service, Not Territories: Our focus is your needs. We offer flexible scheduling options that seamlessly fit with your existing lawn mowing service.
  • No More Pre-Mow Scramble: Leave the scooping to us! Our trained professionals will ensure your yard is clean before your lawnmower arrives, freeing up your time and reducing stress.
  • Become the MVP to Your Lawn Mower: Imagine your lawn care crew arriving to a perfectly clean yard, free of obstacles. By taking care of waste removal beforehand, you become the MVP your lawn mower will appreciate, and your neighbors will envy!

The Paw-er of Collaboration: A Winning Combination for Your Lawn

Our commitment to flexibility and collaboration with your pre-fur-red lawn care service creates a winning combination for your springtime lawn:

  • Streamlined Service: We coordinate schedules with your lawn mower, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.
  • A Pristine Lawn: Enjoy a beautiful, clean lawn that’s free of pet waste, providing a healthy and inviting environment for you and your furry friend.
  • Building a Network of Excellence: We prioritize working with top-rated lawn mowing companies, so you can be confident you’re receiving excellent service across the board.

Become a Springtime MVP with The Lawn Dogs

Ready to ditch the scooping stress and become the MVP to your lawn mower this spring? Here’s how The Lawn Dogs can empower you:

  • Contact Us: Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs and how we can collaborate with your existing lawn mowing service.
  • We Adapt to Your Schedule: Let us know your preferred lawn care routine, and we’ll tailor our service accordingly.
  • Don’t Have a Lawn Mower Partner?: No problem! We can connect you with reputable lawn mowing companies in your area.

Embrace the Spring with Confidence
This spring, say goodbye to rigid schedules and pre-mow scrambling. Partner with The Lawn Dogs and become the MVP to your lawn mower. Enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air, and the joy of a beautiful lawn with your furry friend by your side.

FAQS: The Lawn Dogs Team - Donovan and Manny Johns
Why choose the Lawn Dogs?

At The Lawn Dogs, we raise the “woof” in pet waste management! Our proud affiliations with the  Idaho Apartment Association (, Blue Collar Connect, and the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPAWS) ensure we adhere to the highest standards of service. These partnerships amplify our commitment to clean, pet-friendly communities throughout Idaho.

Join us in our quest for a cleaner, more enjoyable outdoor experience. We value your feedback and love to hear your stories!

So go ahead, let your dogs run and play—we’ll keep your yard spotless.

With the happiest woofs and wags,
The Lawn Dogs Team 🐕🌿

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